Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unique bed frame. Adds under bed storage and fast set up

Introducing our new unique bed base that is engineered with heavy-duty wire mesh, which serves as a complete mattress support system that will not bend or sag over time. Our bed bases provide a flat, sturdy, squeak-free base for your new memory foam mattress or even your old spring mattress.

Our strong yet lightweight design can resist up to 1200 pounds per twin bed frame-up to 2400 pounds on the king-sized base. The weight of our twin bed frame starts at a very light 23.75 pounds. Our bed base frames are strong enough to withstand jumping, yet light enough to be carried up the steps.

product offered by:
Michigan Discount Mattress LLC
(248) 841-8544

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Unknown said...

the bed frame was great. looks good and is a good height. easy to assemble