Sunday, January 22, 2012

Need to lower your bed ? Here is some ideas.

Need to lower your bed ?  Here is some ideas.

Is your bed just to high off the ground.  Maybe a recent surgery has cause the need to lower your bed a little.  Lowering your bed just a few inches can make a big difference in how easy one can get into a bed.  Here are a couple of easy solutions for you.  Typical metal bed frames are 8 inches tall.  Here is a low profile metal bed frame that is only 4 inches tall. 
Made in USA by Knickerbocker premium metal frame is designed to have a low profile that keeps the height of your mattress several inches closer to the ground than a traditional metal frame. 
Click here to view or buy a low profile metal frame for only $ 109.00.

Another option to lower your bed is to get a low profile box spring or box foundation.  The picture shows how a low profile is half as tall as a standard height box spring.  Low profile box spring are typically 4.5 inches tall.  Click here to view or buy low profile box springs.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Replace your bed slats with The Lazarbeam™

The Lazarbeam™ Support System can be purchased for a full, queen, king, or california king mattress and box spring. The Lazarbeam provides horizontal support at both the head and the foot as well as vertical support in middle of the bed. 

product offered by:
Michigan Discount Mattress LLC
(248) 841-8544