Sunday, January 22, 2012

Need to lower your bed ? Here is some ideas.

Need to lower your bed ?  Here is some ideas.

Is your bed just to high off the ground.  Maybe a recent surgery has cause the need to lower your bed a little.  Lowering your bed just a few inches can make a big difference in how easy one can get into a bed.  Here are a couple of easy solutions for you.  Typical metal bed frames are 8 inches tall.  Here is a low profile metal bed frame that is only 4 inches tall. 
Made in USA by Knickerbocker premium metal frame is designed to have a low profile that keeps the height of your mattress several inches closer to the ground than a traditional metal frame. 
Click here to view or buy a low profile metal frame for only $ 109.00.

Another option to lower your bed is to get a low profile box spring or box foundation.  The picture shows how a low profile is half as tall as a standard height box spring.  Low profile box spring are typically 4.5 inches tall.  Click here to view or buy low profile box springs.

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