Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What is an Olympic queen size mattress and where can I find one?


Simpler to Attain Than You Probably Think

For 40 years, mattress sizes had been quite standard and didn't always suit the needs of the public. Around 1999, the Olympic Queen size mattress was developed – with good reason – but since then, it's been seemingly hard for your average consumer to find one. Well, if you stray from the chain and look for mattress specialists, the Olympic Queen mattress is actually quite easy to find and, the price is not high like you'd probably think that it is.

Via surveys and just general talk between sales representatives at furniture and mattress shows, it was found that couples needed slightly more room – in the width department. Your standard Queen mattress is going to measure 80 inches in length. That's 6 feet, 8 inches. For most people, that's plenty. But the 60 inches width of the standard queen left a bit to be desired by many. Consider this: if you and your partner are simply average size, there's been a time when one (or both) of you have awakened with your arms hanging off of the bed – likely asleep. The extra six inches that an Olympic Queen size mattress offers does more for these types of instances than most would probably consider. It's an extra 10% in width and gives you more room without having to resort to buying a King size that either won't fit in your room or, that will very much hamper the walking and storage space that you have in said room. Simply put; an Olympic Queen size mattress is a great 'best of both worlds' option. And, if you've got an RV, certain European Bed design or a boat, you may already be in need of an Olympic Queen mattress!

Most think that it's going to be an endeavor to attain sheets and support bases/box springs for an Olympic Queen size mattress. This isn't true! We at Michigan Discount Mattress: Your Custom Size Mattress Provider are happy to assist you in finding the product that is right for you and that won't break the bank. We carry nearly any accessory that you could desire for your made-to-order mattresss! We're open seven days a week and there's almost always someone on-call to answer any question that you may have.  We have dozens of models in this size, as well. (They are ever-updating so, bookmark us to see our latest!)

Whether you desire memory foam, traditional spring, hybrid, poly foam or even a double-sided design of your particular mattress, we've surely got something for you! You'll come to find that, since we've specialized in special/odd sizes for so many years that, our Olympic Queen mattresses are priced very affordably! Visit this link to see the current models available: Michigan Discount Mattress - Olympic Queen and Custom Size Mattress Provider w/ Free Shipping

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