Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cool GelCare Memory Foam Is More Comfortable

The Symbol Reponse G Series
With GelCare and Air Infused Visco Technology

Michigan Discount Mattress Warehouse is excited to carry the all new Response G Series mattress from Symbol Mattress. The G Series uses the most advanced bedding technology available. The science behind the GelCare foam was just patented this year and is already available to help you sleep better and cooler at night. There are three models available, each custom tuned to your sleeping needs.

Response G 13" with Latex

This advanced mattress is the most plush and luxurious in the Response G Series line up. Made with multiple layers of temperature neutral air infused visco elastic memory foam for a very soft and conforming feel. This is on top of 2 inches of natural latex foam that improve the elasticity of the mattress so it responds better to changes in your sleep position. There is also a 2 inch solid block of GelCare memory foam to radiate away body heat for a cool feel.

Response G 11" Temperature Neutral

The next model in this series uses five different layers of foam to create a sleep surface that is soft enough to eliminate pressure points but still firm enough to support your back. You will wake up every morning feeling much better and ready for a successful day - assuming, of course, that you are willing to get out of bed!

Response G 9" GelCare

For people that need the ultimate support for their back, the 9 inch model is your best bet. The increased feel of the high density support foam will definitely keep your back straight. The layers of GelCare and temperature neutral air infused viscoelastic memory foam will keep you cool. This is the firmest memory foam model that we have ever tested, and we were sure to test it many times just to be certain.

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