Friday, July 27, 2012

Where to buy a two sided mattress ? Try Restonic.

Restonic Marvelous Middle



Where can you buy a mattress that can be flipped over?

Introducing Restonic., a Michigan manufacture offering hard to find two sided mattresses in their line up.  Restonic Comfort Care Collection features the exclusive "Marvelous Middle" Construction and offers up to a 15 year non pro-rated warranty.  Restonic does more in the center third of every Comfort Care mattress to increase body support, mattress durability, and resiliency.  Restonic Mattress is the winner of the Consumer Digest Best Buy Award for six years for the Comfort Care Product Line.

There has never been a mattress support sytem like the Restonic box spring built with the Flexsteel blue steel spring.   We've gone beyond round coils and formed wire configurations; instead you get the comforting support of strong, flexing arches of watchspring steel.  The blue steel spring arches are mounted by Restonic craftsmen  to a hardwood ash frame.  The combination of the blue steel springs and solid hardwood frame provide unmatched durability and resiliency.  These foundations are built with the same exclusive blue steel seat springs found in Flexsteel's sofas and chairs.  Paired with our Marvelous Middle Mattress, it's like sleeping on your own personal suspension system.  Available only at Restonic dealers, this patented steel spring designed by seating experts at Flexsteel industries is the only sleep sytem to offer Lifetime Limited Warranties by Restonic.

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