Friday, August 17, 2012

Important Findings About Women and Sleep

Result of a Survey on Women and Sleep

In its most recent survey about women and sleep, the site called The Better Sleep Council found that women consider having a good night's rest as among the most important factors in relation to their body's complete healthy condition. Besides, ensuring that they have healthy food intake and proper amount of exercise, women are aware that getting the right amount of sleep is essential in their overall well-being. In spite of this realization, the survey conducted presents that women still do not get the good night's sleep that they want and require. In addition, this latest poll also showed that in some particular groups of women, they go through loss of sleep more than others.

The Better Sleep Council performed earlier surveys about women and sleep and it was also found that women experience more lack of sleep than men do. The reasons for such result are mainly due women having a hard time falling asleep, remaining asleep, and then having the propensity to experience more sleepiness during the day than at night. Still, whatever the results of this survey are, women are unified in their quest to change this present condition. Here are a number of the findings taken from the said survey.

Reasons Why Women Lose Sleep

- Stress due to family and work associated problems
Woman mattress sleep related problems and uncomfortable pillows
- Experience illness
Who Are The Worst Sleepers?
- Business professional women usually get a better rest at night than most.
- Women working at home lose more sleep than all women do.
- Divorcees and separated women are the most likely to lose sleep than married or single women.
- Women residents of West Coast and Northeast Coast lose more sleep than women living in any other area.
- Women of Hispanic origin are more deprived of sleep than White and African American do.
All in all, a good number of the women respondents consider having a good night's rest, balanced diet, and a routine exercise make a better lifestyle.

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