Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why can't I sleep ?

Can't sleep? Tossing and turning, or even flipping the pillow these are things we all do when we can't sleep. To me there is nothing more frustrating when you can't fall asleep, especially you have a big day ahead of you the next day. That thought usually makes it worse, right? You're probably thinking what can I do? I'm sure you've heard some suggestions before, but here are the latest and greatest tips to help you sleep and stay asleep!

    We all like to escape the world by going up to our bedroom to unwind from our day. Maybe stretch out in bed catch up on our reading or watch television. That's the first mistake. Use your bed only for sleeping. Sleeping on a good quality mattress is one of the only things you should in your bed (besides a little fun time with your spouse, wink-wink). No working, reading, watching television,or playing video games. That way when it's time to sleep your body knows that it's time to sleep, not relax or work.

    Sometimes we might have a "night-cap" or a midnight snack to help us sleep. Well the good news is that having a light snack will help. Dairy product or even turkey contain a natural sleep aid known as: Trypophan do help us sleep. So Granny's remedy for warm milk is right on. Avoid chocolate, it has caffeine in it.
     Now the bad news, our friendly night-cap isn't so friendly. Alcohol may seem like it will make you sleep well but it doesn't. It slows brain activity which cause interrupted sleep. Also avoid caffeine and nicotine 5 hours before  you go to bed.

     RELAXATION can also help quiet your mind and quiet your body. So don't exercise 4 hours before bedtime. Try deep breathing or meditating before bed. This will help quiet your mind, body and soul.
     Sleeping well involves making sure your room is cozy and comfortable. Think of your self as Goldilocks in 3 Little Bears. You want your room  to be not too hot, or too cool. You want your bed to be not too hard or too soft. You want the light to be not too bright, so turn off that television that will keep up for sure. If it's too bright get a sleep mask. If your partner snores get some ear plugs.

    Sleep to me is the reward of putting in a hard days work. Its YOUR time to rejuvenate, recharge your battery, catch up on your Z's and get some well deserved peace and quiet. Your mattress is your own personal magic carpet that will transform you mind and body to a peaceful night sleep.

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